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I also had the delayed response allergy test done. It also showed that I could have gluten and other things I know I can't have. My understanding is that this test only recognizes DELAYED responses…not acute responses. So if you know you are gluten intollerant I would stick with that diet full fledged regardless of what that test said. Plus, I know for me that I have an extreme immediate negative reaction to caffeine yet the test showed no problems with caffeine. So, once again it goes back to that it only tested for delayed responses. I did not follow the rotation diet cuz it had stuff in it I know I shouldn't have.


As far as Omega 3, I think grass fed meat has that (or maybe its omega 6). But if you can eat other types of fish I think sardines have high amounts of omega 3s. Also if you are interested I like this website: http://whfoods.org/getstarted.php . You can look up foods and it gives their nutritional value. Good luck!