Lori Quandtfarmwife67

That's fantastic, so glad to hear the good news! After you are done with your rice flour, I just wanted to tell you I use almond flour to bread meat and things like zuchinni and it is really good. My family all love it. (I have very fussy 18 year sons that love it too) I season it with whatever seasoning you like, dip my meat in egg and then in the seasoned “crumbs” and it is great! Nuts online has an organic almond flour (the unblanched kind) that is not as fine as the others and for breading things I think it tastes best. For baking I used the blanched because it is more fine and soft like flour. Best wishes and I hope you keep improving, so thankful you wife is on board also!  (nutsonline.com also sells gluten free beans)

Best wishes,