Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

Getting very close now to being totally grain free,  just a little rice flour for breading,crust and not very often.  Not having any bad reaction to it at all but will even stop that when we use up the expensive supply I ordered from Amazon and won't order any more. My wife found out she has this gluten problem after both us eating this GF diet and getting accidentally “gluttoned”. She got hit with the “D” even faster and worse than me?    She made some good navy beans yesterday and didn't even fight eliminating her favorite cornbread, I wouldn't have believed that would happen without me ranting about using the grain-cornmeal?  We did as Dr. O instructed about allowing the beans to soak for over 36 hours and no problems and virtually no gas either…WOW!      With the near true GF Diet and  the “NOW FOODS- True Calm supplement”  I'm feeling great and the sleep/anxiety/brain fog has lifted……Teriffic…..Thanks Dr. O and others here!