Anyone who has the genetic GS or CD should explain to others that they can’t be exposed to gluten and there is no way to live in the same home with gluten consumers and not be exposed on a regular basis and staying sick. My wife and I discovered at the age of 65 that we both have GS genetics. I found out first and we removed all gluten from our home and went on the GF diet and she discovered her health was better too. We had her tested first and found she has the HLA-DQ1,4 GS alleles. As time passes and we get farther away from the gluten exposure we find a person gets more sensitive to a small amount of “hidden” or “accidental” gluten. It’s a learning lesson and she also acquired the rash problem from the kitchen but not from food gluten. Turns out almost all dish and washing detergents contain chemicals with gluten or similar particles and cause the rash. The solution is to wear the thick rubber gloves to prevent exposure. We even had to change out the Walmart Equate liquid hand soap for the gluten-free liquid foaming SoftSoap to stop skin rash and me too! So you see that you can’t be purposely exposed in a household containing food gluten/crumbs/contamination and get well. It has to be stopped 100% and I don’t know what to tell you? All I know is I make the rules in my home and there will be no smoking or drinking and now no gluten allowed here and if someone doesn’t like my rules they aren’t welcome. Why should others enjoy themselves while causing us to be sick? I wouldn’t feel like doing that to others even if I “lived” in their home. My father had a heart attack when I was very young and his Doctor told him to quit smoking cigarettes or find another Doctor. To help him out I didn’t just quit smoking when I went to his home, I actually quit cigarettes myself to give him moral support. I don’t know about your family or circumstances but any of your children should be considered to also have the Gluten Genes from you unless thay have been tested to remove that possibility and should also not be consuming gluten. Besides that even though is is “gluten” for us sensitive folks the fact is that wheat is a Hybridized Frankenfood that is poison and is also doused with poisons from the seeds to the fields to the harvested grain to the processing plant. All grains are poisoned and toxic. Go to Youtube and look up Dr. Davis part 1 and part 2 videos about Unhealth wheat. Dr. Davis is telling about the dangerous wheat totally from the point of dangerous genetic engineering and high glycemic index levels. He is claiming that our current wheat is totally different since the 1980’s and responsible for obesity/diabetes and other diseases separate from the gluten issues. No one should be consuming grains, they are all bad and toxic and Dr. Rodney Ford calls this a “brain and nerve” disease, not a gut disease, and you can also find his information with Google or videos on Youtube. That’s why every part of the body if damaged until the gluten is removed and healing take place. I had gut distress at least five times daily for 45 years and that’s nothing compared to brain chemical/anxiety/depression/insomnia/fog/panic problems that I had acquired. Did I mention how bad grains are for us??Smile