Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

Well, first of all you are a very caring considerate person and I sure don’t want you to feel that I am trying to “hammer” on you! Us menfolk have a much easier time being assertive and less emotional. I am also having problems getting my two grown sons to take this seriously and help my grandkids and greatgrandkids. Sadly, both of my sons have the “classic” symptoms and both of them are in the medical profession. Getting the genes from me and my wife both it is almost positive that they acquired the faulty genetics too. Remember that even if your family/children don’t show the gut distress that most folks don’t have gut symptoms and the damage being done in them is likely silent. That can be even worse than our systems’ that give us a warning to stop the gluten and also the main reason why most folks will not look at this condition. They get the bad diseases and conditions and they or their Doctor never relate it to gluten even if they know about the family genetic problem and have been told the facts. I have told all my relatives who don’t want to hear my research(rant) on our family genetic disease that they can take the Enterolab swab test for GS/CD and know for sure or if they think I’m crazy and I don’t mean as much as the $178 cost of the test then just leave me alone and I won’t bother them. I still have a few grandkids to reach when they are grown and away from their fathers so I can tell them how to stop their chronic diarrhea in a few days and start getting well. I have already told my wife that I’m not going to take any “Happy Father’s Day” phone calls today because it will just lead to an arguement. Until my kids take this seriously enough to find out and allow my grandkids to get healthy I don’t want to talk to them! My wife isn’t happy about that but I’m not an enabler and believe in telling the truth and living that way too!