Nearly everything processed has gluten. It is found in wheat, barley, and corn for example. If you are having processed food (even gluten free) it likely has gluten from grain.

Since I have Celiac Disease (Problems with gluten) I avoid wheat completely. My supplement, that had wheat germ, transferred to the garden compost pile! I just remembered that the germ contains most of the nutrients. HMM Yeah, I just checked, the wheat germ has the wheat protein. The protein has the gluten! Don’t dispair, though there are other things to eat and make yummy muffins from. I use almond flour.

Soy gives a reaction as wheat does to many gluten sensitive persons. I talk with them over the internet. I had no soy in my diet, so my experience is second hand.

As for coffee syrups you could read the label. On this sight is a list of ingredients to avoid. Well, I couldn’t find it. It is too long to print here. I did find a list of grains to avoid in the recipe section. Sometimes the lable doesn’t say wheat or gluten, but sometimes it says “barley malt.” It can be kind of tricky until you know them all. I usually pick out items that are individual ingredients and mix them myself. I will come back later if I get the chance.

If you care to list the ingredients in something I could look it up.