Lori Quandtfarmwife67

Ihave to tell you I started on your probiotics a couple of weeks ago and I have had chronic diarrhea for at least a couple of years. I also purchased your digestive enzymes. I always forget the enzymes except for breakfast. I don't know if it is the enzymes for breakfast or the probiotics, but the diarrhea is GONE!  My family Doctor told me the diarrhea was a side effect from having my gall bladder removed and I would have it forever. He said, some people just have that after they lose their gall bladder. I am so thrilled to have this symptom healed.  I have been eating grain free for about a year, but had a few months of not being able to stay on track. I always ate traditional gluten free, but was eating a little of corn syrup in things and I was also eating sugar during those months. I have now gotten back on track, with the exception of a few chocolate covered peanuts my husband was eating in front of me and I couldn't resist. THEY ARE GONE NOW! I didn't eat a ton and they tasted TERRIBLE! I couldn't believe how waxy and sweet the chocolate tasted. I have found I really prefer dark chocolate now.  I saw a show on Dr. Oz that said, if you prefer a hershey's bar over good dark chocolate you are probably a sugaraholic and I thought, wow I'm not one of those anymore! Wink

I just wanted to tell you my progress since I have been taking the probiotics and enzymes for breakfast. (I need to try and remember for other meals, it is so hard for me for some reason)