Hi.  What a blessing for you that you found this site.  It is such a great resource and Dr. Osborne can give you guidance when he has time to respond, but I wanted to jump in when I read your concern about the memory loss.  I never experienced hair loss, but memory loss I can relate to.  I've only been gluten free for several months, so hopefully other folks with a longer history will respond, but I would really encourage you to go completely grain free.  It involves a lot of label-reading and planning, but it can be done.  And the results will encourage you to keep doing it.  A lot of my issues were gut-related and have greatly improved.  Re the memory, I was really feeling ashamed of how bad it got.  I can't tell you that it is completely healed, but I can say that I see an improvement.  And I plan to be kind to myself and patient while I wait for the rest to return.  I have the peace of knowing that what I am putting into my body are the things that it needs and no longer anything that causes me harm.  Hope that helps- you be blessed as you figure this out,   Marcia