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You need to be 100% gluten free!  Removing most of the gluten in your diet is not enough.  If you need confirmation on your diagnosis to commit to the diet you should get genetically tested.


Additionally, Spectracell labs offers a vitamin and mineral test to help assess supplementation needs.  Nutritional deficiencies are common for those with gluten sensitivity and they can contribute to many of your symptoms.


Gluten's primary target is the nervous system.  It is extremely common for people to experience brain fog, memory problems, clouded thinking etc.  Likewise, it is common for people to recover on a gluten free diet.  Give yourself at least 6 months.


You may want to consider joining Gluten Free Society's membership area where you can access more than 8 hours worth of video tutorials on going gluten free. 


Hang in there.  Staying consistent with the diet is the key to regaining your health.

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