Tina KhwajaTina

I’ve suffered from this my whole life! Very frustrating! Luckily- I live near to & am fortunate enough to be Dr. O’s patient. Turns out for me- in addition to being gluten intolerant, I had yeast over growth in my gut & picked up H. pylori bacteria along the way in life. As I understand it, due to eating gluten my whole life & my body not able to process it, well it just sits in the gut, ferments, which causes constant portruding abdomen, especially when eating foods that feed the yeast! Like sugar, moldy foods( cheese, mushrooms), all vinegar, etc. the fix- a 10 week yeast free diet & some supplements to rid bacteria. The diet is strict but worth it if u r serious about resolving the severe bloat! Mine is not 100 % resolved, but majority is. I think the rest is also leaky gut – the damage all the gluten induced to my intestines over 37 yrs! So, hopefully I will continue to heal & my residual bloating repair further. This is just my experience, how I understood it from Dr O- but hopefully it might help! Maybe this will put u down the right track regarding the same issue!