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Theresa VelaTheresa

Just finished listening to 2 very interesting interviews with Dr. Demiti Papolos (author of The Bipolar Child). He has just received funding for a study for a subset phenotype group of what he believes to encompass about 30% of children with bipolar who have a thermo-regulation problem.  Here's the link to the first of the 2 interviews.–child-bipolar  I do believe my grandson fits this phenotype as my daughter often refers to him as her “little furnace” and he has always slept with a fan and taken melatonin.

I am now wondering if gluten intolerance plays a part in thermo-regulation? Before I went gluten free I also considered myself to be very “hot natured” but attributed this to my age, weight, and “hot flashes”.  In retrospect I think this symptom abated quite early on, long before I could have attributed it to the weight loss.  Could this be why my grandson is sleeping easily and soundly for the first time in his life? Even after having a muti-colored slurpee that I thought for sure would have him climbing the walls! Fascinating, and would be so much healthier to be able to regulate body temp with a gluten free diet vs Ketamine HCL!!!!!