Theresa VelaTheresa

Spoke with my DD today.  Alex has had 2 days (in a row!!) with no major upheavals or meltdowns.  He has also slept at night  which is very unusual for him.

I'm pretty sure he's not totally grain free at this point as my daugh. is a bit overwhelmed with the changes. Baby steps I guess, but at least in the right direction. She has cut out all obvious grains except rice and probably corn derivitives as these can be so tricky with all the synomyms/acronyms that they are disguised as.  She is aware of the whiplash effect and will be looking out for it.  I try to tell her that there is a learning curve, mistakes will be made and better to assume an accidental glutening than assume the diet “doesn't work”. Other folks spend yrs. thinking they are gluten free when they are not so I guess she's still ahead of the game as she'll know what the next things to eliminate will be when the whiplash effect eventually happens.

Many of you have probably heard the excellent multi-part interview Dr. Osborne did with psychiatrist Dr. Charles Parker availabe on our You Tube Channel.  Well, I  found some podcasts of Dr. Parker's on something called “Cinch” at  http://www.cinchcast.com/drcharlesparker


Stay tuned for the next update. Smile