Judy JohnsonJudyJ

Hmmm, it could be an identical recipe.  That's one thing I've found looking through paleo recipes…that you can find the same one on several different sites.  Regardless of where it came from…it is sooooooo delicious.

I've been sick the past few days and I am supposed to be on bed rest (yeah, right…in whose world is that possible) so anything I can do to pamper myself is at the top of my lists.  Smile  And I know the microwave isn't at the top of the list as a way to cook, but some times, you gotta do what you gotta do.  And I needed something that was quick and kept me on my feet for as little time as possible.  This was it!

You know how their are times that you drive somewhere and you are lost in thought and then all the sudden you are at your destination and you don't even remember driving there???  (Well, it happens to me all the time.)  I think my feet are taking over my body right now…yep, they are making me get off the recliner.  I'm heading to the kitchen.  Slow down, the rest of me can't get there as fast.  Whoa!!!

Wink Have a great evening all!