laura moorelaura moore

Hi all ,
I am new here,My problems seem to start in jan, I had severe acid reflux like I was having a heart attack so my gallbladder , heart and all kinds of other tests were done. Finally a scope which showed I had celiac.So since then I have been on a gluten free diet, not true gluten free as I am just now finding out about it. I am also being treated for candida and hypothyroidism. I feel as if soenmhting is still wrong, I get tingling at times on differnet parts of my body as well as a numbness in my face, foot , and arm and I feel achy I also had a mri and catscan to make sure I did not have a stroke. I do not know who to see about the numness and tingling.Even though I live in Missouri I am thinking of going to see Dr Osbourne in Texas as I dont even know what else I need to be tested for. Thanks to anyone who has any idea what my issue may be.