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I can’t answer all your questions but I wanted to reply because I do relate to many of your issues (thin, moods, acne, non-digestive problems, terrible problem with mornings, low libido, living in a very small town etc). I am 35 although I have never been diagnosed with anything “thyroid” (I have had my suspicions though for quite some time)…my standard tests have always come back normal. Actually your post got me seriously thinking about requesting some of the specific tests Dr. O is recommending for you for the thyroid. The other thing for me is that I am always COLD, like freezing at times. Anyway I just wanted to throw a couple of things out there in response to a few things you commented on.

First of all, “Perque” brand is wonderful for true gluten free vitamins. The only thing of theirs that I have checked on and do not take is the probiotic due to dairy. I take their multi, EPA/DHA, and bone guard. I also take Dr. O’s probiotic and digestive enzymes, along with B12 and vitD (I use the liquid). I had some testing done that showed I lacked enzymes and have to say of all the things I have taken those seem to have helped me tremendously in a relatively short period. This may not be your problem, but it could contribute to the deficiencies you’re mentioning (possibly malabsorption)??
Second of all I take the maca powder too and regarding the taste, the best way I’ve found to disguise the taste is in a homeade cashew/coconut milk hot cocoa mixture. I put a small amount of honey in it too and it’s delish, I actually look forward to it. Just curious how much do you use? I’ve never been told exactly how much is effective, not sure if it’s helping me either. Third though, is your lack of intestinal issues and no real noticable difference on the grain free diet. I have been strictly grain free for almost two years now. I have to say for me it was a very gradual “noticing” of improvements. I do believe I still have some lingering issues but it was definately very gradual, unlike most of the testimonials (I know those make me so jealous too!). I would really encourage you to stick to being grain free, it is most definately bound to help in the long run. I am a true believer. And last, just an encouragment: with our many similarities I have to tell you I never really suffered PPD, so you may not (I have been blessed four times). Thanks for joining and your post!