Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

I agree, if possible you need Dr. Osborne or someone with the same line of thinking to help you sort this out. Taking all the applicable tests and acting on the findings can save a lot of time and avoid bad foods in addition to taking the needed supplements for vitamin/mineral restoration. My wife and I both have GS and you will find that as time passes from getting off the obvious gluten foods that he will likely be more sensitive to small amounts or accidental or hidden gluten. The first thing is training to never purposely consume gluten items such as bread/pastries,etc. just to fit in or please someone else. There is hidden gluten in almost “all” processed foods and grains/soy, etc and even the grocery store “gluten-free” foods are NOT gluten free, just maybe lower in gluten but still enough to keep us sick depending on how sensitive. It is very hard and takes time and experimenting to find the safe foods and if you push trying to cheat a little with supposed safe foods they will eventually contain something bad and bite you. We used to love BlueBell ice cream and it’s made in Texas near Dr. O. It used to be made with all natural/safe ingredients but they switched to the cheap trash ingredients and now instead of cane sugar they use high fructose corn syrup. Corn is bad and almost always contaminated or containing reactive proteins that will keep a sensitive person sick. My wife had the headache problem after going gluten-free and one of Dr. Osbornes articles on unsafe medicines helped us to track one of her BP meds. that was terribly high in gluten filler and causing problems. This will probably take a lot of diligence on your part but you have the proper training and the “mother instinct” will get you through to make him well again. If the headache problem is not gluten/diet related, a lot of folks get headaches from unsuspected eye/vision problems like astigmatism. Needing corrective lenses and not wearing them will definitely cause constant headaches.