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I agree with everything Lori said.  A few more good sites are http://www.thespunkycoconut.com/search/label/Shakes%20and%20Smoothies and http://www.lexieskitchen.com/recipe-box/  They both have whole sections on smoothies.  Cashew milk is also really good and easy to make at home, works really well in smoothies.  Try http://www.nutsonline.com for protein powders to add: hemp, maca, etc.  They have lots of interesting gluten free and organic options, alternative things you'd never think of.  Nuts are a great source of protein too.  Once you start snooping around online and gathering your ingredients you will be very happy with the choices you do have.  I started out over a year ago with guten, dairy, soy, egg, and yeast.  The only things I've added back are eggs, and I've given up many more foods due to additional intolerances, but I honestly feel better so it's worth it and I do not feel deprived.  Keep your spirits up!Laugh