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Yes, I've had experience with NAET.  A little over a year ago, I was as desparate as you sound.  It seemed I was reacting to everything I ate (headaches, asthma, GI symptoms as well as a host of other things).  I had been tested several times for food sensitivities (Alcat and Immunolabs) and had been following all kinds of rotating diets without success.  Interestingly, I have always tested negative for gluten sensitivity by antibody tests and small bowel biopsy.  When I saw the NAET practitioner, I was limited to Metagenics “medical foods” and a few vegetables (alas, the “medical food” is all rice-based!).  I tried NAET on the recommendation of a friend who had had some success although it didn't last for her.

When I first saw the NAET practitioner, I noticed that my stomach was calmer, but not much else.  I was, however, able to reintroduce a wide variety of foods as long as I continued to be treated.  I never was symptom-free, though.  I continued with asthma symptoms and headaches.  I stopped treatment in the summer as we traveled to New York, and all my symtoms came back within a matter of weeks.  So, bottom line is that it didn't last for me – a similar result that the friend who suggested it also experienced.

I've now been grain and dairy-free for about 2 months and I'm feeling as well as I have in years.  The headaches are gone, and I've been able to stop my steroid inhaler.  I hope you have similar good results with your grain-free diet!