So sorry to hear your troubles but glad that going gluten free helped so much, I ma just new here to and put a post up introducing myself a few hours ago. I can relate to you a little as my daughter has leaky gut  and food/chemical sensitivities. Actually for her there is no safe food she will be sick , if she eats.

Now I am no doctor nor medical qualifications so I can only give you my experiences.. with my daughter we have done GI testing we did GI effects with Genova labs , that turned up parasite , one they say is a sort of a passer through, the other blastocystis hominis also a bad bacteria Campylobacter sp.The plam is to fully open all pathways of detoxification and we are looking at the best protocol to kill these off. It is being suggested that drugs will be the only route but we are looking at zappers etc. 

After that we intend to heal the gut then  look to taking out heavy metals. Have you been tested for them , again I ma not an expert but given your history I would suggest you look into that , Dr Buttar  and there are lots of others that are starting to highlight this area. I think it could be a valuable area to research and try testing for..just my two pence. Hope this helpsWink