Stephanie SherieStephanie Sherie

Hi everyone, I’m wondering if Max Digest will help with a new gluten free diet? Please share your experience with Max Digest.I’m new to Gluten, Grain & Wheat FREE. Only 3 weeks so far. I still feel bad and recently worse. I think I may have picked up something. I did eat a small amount of rice and had 4 oz of Riunite wine on the same night. Could those 2 items have been what bothered me still 2 days later? Feel very weak, dizzy no energy. Is this what it feels like to be “glutened”?

Hi Tammy! Oh yes – weak, dizzy, no energy – CHECK CHECK CHECK! Those are exactly my symptoms (plus left side wierdness as I call it). I’m almost always hit 24-48 hours after the fact. Now that my diet is much cleaner, it’s getting more and more obvious. Going completely wheat free is something I’m embarking on this week after reading all the research here at GFS. I can’t believe how much corn infiltrates everything. It must be some kind of wonder grain because they use it for so many things.