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Crystal, welcome to the forum! I know you will find lots of help, info and friends here. I'm so sorry for your loss of the 3 pregnancies. Hopefully your 3 are keeping the baby i miscarried company until we get to meet them up in heaven. Sounds like you are in the middle of a gluten whiplash Dr. Osborne talks about. Have you watched all the videos on You Tube? There's the “Glutenology” Channel and the “DocOsborne” channel. Wealth of info there. Milk can definitely be problematic due to the milk protein casein even if one is not lactose intolerant. Also what the cow eats gets into the milk so if the cow is fed grain instead of being grass fed….same goes for the meat. You are not only what you eat but whatever you eat ate! Don't chew it's cud. Eat only grass fed, free range etc.

Doesn't surprise me at all that your hubby is more sensitive now. Seems like lots of us react quicker and more severely to accidental glutenings the longer we are gluten free. Seems like now that our bodies are working more smoothly they sound the alarm quite loudly when they recognize a virulent foreign intruder they finally got rid of and don't want to see around again! My grandson actually thows up if he gets glutened now. This did not happen when he was “gluten-full”. Also sounds like you would benefit from the test for other delayed food allergies just in case there are other foods playing a part in tandem with the gluten. Hang in there! And keep researching! If you are in the Houston area come to the meeting next Sat. I'll be there, love to meet my fellow gluten free warriors!