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I heard back from our Sugar Land Whole Foods store.  They will begin carrying the Against the Grain “Pizza” in February!  Yay!!  And they might start carrying some Against the Grain sandwhich bread.  Linda Dominguez at Whole Foods is very receptive and she is on the hunt to find true gluten free foods.  In fact, she contacted me this morning and I sent her a list of the grains Dr. O has advised us to avoid.  I cut and copied the list straight from this website!  

  • wheat
  • barley
  • rye
  • oats
  • millet
  • sorghum
  • teff
  • corn
  • rice (wild rice is ok)
  • triticale
  • spelt

 I'm pretty excited!  The less time in the kitchen baking means more time for quilting and gardening.