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Shelly BinkleyShell


Thanks for the information Dr. O. I will share this with others because people are surprised to hear about corn and rice being a problem. 

As I mentioned before after finding your site and you sharing this about corn and rice I thought maybe this might be my problem because the gluten free way I was eating wasn't making me feel better.   I followed your advice and took out corn and rice from  my diet and right away I started losing weight, which I shared with you before…..but since then 🙂  I kept it off and I lost it without working out.   Now when people see me that haven't for a while, the reaction is “whatever you are doing is working” or “what are you doing to lose the weight” or “She did this just eating a gluten-free diet” as one friend said to her husband.   And the first thing I tell them is about YOU, YOUR SITE, AND tell them it's a TRUE Gluten Free diet without rice and corn…