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@Thychamp said:
I hear ya!  Today I had to travel out of town for work meetings and I knew they were having a taco bar at lunch.  I had taco meat, lettuce, cheese, salsa and onions.  I know the seasoning was prepackaged and had several things including gluten, that I am not supposed to eat.  I didn’t pack my own lunch because I planned on taking my Max Digest with me (since this meal would be an exception to my diet) and then I forgot it!  I feel fine, but I did also have two non-dairy creamers in my coffee today since they did not have any healthy sweeteners in their office for coffee. (I normally use agave).  I can’t drink it black, but I get terrible acne from those creamers.


They are supposed to be non-dairy–what’s in those things, anyway?

Hi thychamp,

Here’s an article about imitation creamer [non-dairy] cut and paste into your browser. The end of the article give some good suggestions as to healthy non-dairy creamers.