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Hi Steph,


Also, chic-fil-a contains, HFCS, MSG, and anti-foaming chemicals.

Don’t eat:

corporate food [fast food, prepared foods etc]



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How do you know all this?  Anti-foaming chemicals in food?? Really??


Hi Steph,  here’s a few links to that info. Just copy and paste into your browser.



One of the companies that manufacture these is:



One of the ‘problems’ with modern processed food is they have to find a balance between the taste in the end product, shelf-life, and ease of manufacturing while making the ‘food’. All sorts of troublesome ingredients are put into modern packaged/processed foods in order to manufacture them.


Do we really need to eat a flowing agent [magnesium stearate] in order to consume a high quality supplement? No. We don’t. And many of these ease-of-manufacturing-additives are quite dangerous over the length of the life of the person eating them.

For the manufacturer of the product, ultimately, the bottom line [profit margin] is the dictator of the method and ingredients. Doesn’t sound like they ‘have our backs’, does it?