Anthony Rao

@Stephanie Sherie said:
My son and I ended up in town longer than I planned so I was STARVING!  We went to ChikFilA and I had the following.. About one hour later I had HORRIBLE fatigue, slow thinking, left hand and left food wierdness.

*sausage,cheese, and egg from the biscuit (didn’t eat the biscuit)

*4 or 5 little hash browns

*decaff coffee w/splenda (no stevia) and those 2 of those little creamers.


I feel soooo horrible.  I can’t wait until this passes.  The most frustrating part is I have been feeling super super good!  Eating out is a PAIN!

Hi Steph,


Also, chic-fil-a contains, HFCS, MSG, and anti-foaming chemicals.

Don’t eat:

corporate food [fast food, prepared foods etc]


um…. it’s easier to go by this creed- make it at home by single wholesome ingredients. Or buy single wholesome ingredients at the market in the organic section. Nothing pre-packaged. Go to any ‘organic police’ type site and read, read, read. Some “organic” companies are not organic at all. An educated consumer is a healthy consumer. Buyer beware.