Jacqueline ScarbroughJackie Scarbrough

Rose, your symptoms sound similar to mine: intolerances, weight loss.  I know it is very discouraging.  So, you have had the ELISA test but not gotten the results yet?  I am 5'2″ and was down to around 90 pounds at my lowest point.  I am up to 98 now with the regimen I am on.  I did test negative for candida which surprised me.  For me it was leaky gut with malabsorption, no beneficial gut flora and no pancreatic digestive enzymes.  I had already been on a very strict diet by the time I had that test though so I thought maybe that's why the candida was negative.  I would encourage you to be completely grain free as I do not personally feel I would have ever started to heal on grains.  Once you start to heal your gut your list of food intolerances will likely decrease.  I still don't know the answer to my above question about if the gut can theoretically heal without rotating foods….I guess you could say I am doing a personal experiment though!  For me it was the most difficult thing to rotate my foods.  I still rotate as much as I can, but it's not 100% by any means.