Jacqueline ScarbroughJackie Scarbrough

Hi John, I take the probiotics under “Gluten Free Products” then the “Gluten Free Supplement” tab on here (Biotic Defense).  The digestive enzymes I got from my functional medicine doctor are called “Orthomolecular Digestzyme” (they are gluten, corn and everything else I need to avoid-free)….the ingredients are almost exactly the same as the Max Digest Enzyme Support which is also found under that same tab.  If your symptoms are similar to what I mentioned above then maybe you have leaky gut too. 

I was reading Karen Brimeyer's report over this past week and it sounds like I am doing everything she suggests other than rotating foods at this point.  I did rotate foods for awhile but that was really difficult for me.  I may have to go back to doing that, but I guess I'm trying to see if that is truly required before taking the leap again.  I'm wondering how critical that particular aspect of it is to healing the gut?