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Jackie said:

Diane, what test did you have done?  Maybe you just haven't progressed to the point where your gut is leaky yet….?

I am so glad about the special focus on leaky gut this week.  I have read so many testimonials about people who feel drastically better after going gluten free or grain free or paleo (or whatever) and those of us who don't start wondering “WHY not me!?”  As trying as it is at times to stick to this lifestyle and as careful as you have to be, it can be discouraging when you still do not feel good.  But the descriptions of leaky gut are very helpful and make it all make sense.  It's nice to know that even though it may be a slow road, the healing will eventually happen with the proper treatments. 

The test I had done was a called a comprehensive digestive analysis, it was very helpful.  It showed that I did not have Candida (much to my surprise but I had already been on a very restricted diet for close to a year) but basically found out I had no beneficial bacteria and no digestive enzymes.  I had unwantedly lost about 30 pounds and developed dozens of food intolerances in addition to grains, sugar, dairy, and soy (that was of course a seperate test).  I had no energy and was having mood swings and very irritable.  I'm sure I had and maybe still have nutrient deficiencies but never had that test done.  So, anyway the diagnosis for me was leaky gut with malabsorption.  I am working on gaining weight now, taking probiotics and digestive enzymes, along with l-glutamine to heal the gut.   Hoping for the best, I have been at this for over two years but finally feel like I may be on the right track. 


What is the name and brand of the probiotics and digestive enzymes you are taking?  Your symptoms sound just link mine.