Diane ZidesDiane Zides

I took the intestinal permeability test from Genova Diagnostics. It was within normal range but outside 1-SD which is not necessarily abnormal. Results depend on renal function. Interestingly, my doctor wanted me to get a kidney scan since my uring sometimes contains blood and my bun was elevated 3 points above the limit suggesting kidney stones or gravel. Elevated levels of only a few points could also be from eating more protein, which I was doing a week or two prior to getting my bloods taken. It's possible the test could be off if renal function is impaired, and I recall reading one shouldn't take the test if that's the case.

I am vitamin D, B 12, and folic acid deficient, and am using iodine as a patch to help my low thyroid. I am gluten/dairy/soy intolerant along with other foods, and have Candida, so I can't eat sugars, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and possibly Sjogren's Syndrome which I need to test for.

Gluten made me heavy. I've lost 10 of the 16 lbs. I put on for a gluten challenge in less then 2 weeks. I'm not on enzymes yet since it's better to wait a while before including them when you are first starting a Candida diet. They'll probably be added soon, along with an anti-fungal medication. I remember this from 18 years back when I had Candida for the first time.