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I would worry about the lunch meat, even though they say gluten free,  I would almost bet they have other “grain” fillers in them. I looked on their website and they don't list ingredients but they gave a number you could call to get a list. I eat NO processed lunch meat. I think potatoes are ok if you aren't trying to lose weight, they will kill a weight loss program. I would also read the label on your smart balance, it probably has soy it in. I would say grass fed butter would be a better way to go for that. I would also check the label on your bacon, there are good bacon choices out there, US wellness.com has bacon that is safe. It seems like corn syrup is in everything.

I looked at my menu list (I have added more recently, will try and remember them)

BBQ beef

” Chicken (on the grill usuually

baked chicken

beef stew

vegetable beef soup

bulgogi (recipe on here very good!)

chicken/or turkey soup

roasted turkey

chicken strips/nuggets or whole breasts – I dip them in egg yolk and then bread in a mixture of almondflour with salt, garlic, pepper etc)


white chili

chili dogs (day after chili day) I buy applegate hotdogs, if you can't find them local applegatefarms.com

hot dogs and beans (I am trying to perfect a baked bean recipe, just keep looking up recipes and trying to perfect)

pork roast 

pot roast

salmon filets (I like to bread those with almond flour too)

salmon patties ( i use almond flour instead of cracker crumbs and salt and pepper and egg)

short ribs

sloppy joes (still trying to get a super good recipe for that too)

spaghetti (I use spaghetti squash, black bean spaghetti or mung bean noodles for the spaghetti)


sweet and sour chicken (I use sugar free jams and or pineapple (fresh), just look up recipes online and try to adapt with the jams and pineapple instead of sugar)

taco salad – one of my favorites, everyone else can have the taco shells if they want (JUST be careful, my daughter onces through her flour shell on top of the meat to warm it up, so much for my meal)

websites I can think of off the top of my head

Elanaspantry.com (she has a couple of GREAT cookbooks too)

spunkycoconut.com(she has a couple of GREAT cookbooks too)

lexieskitchen.com (not sure of spelling on that one)


If I think of more I will let you know. Don't give up it is harder with parents in the house but you can do it, it is sooooo worth it!


use your search engine for paleo recipes and grainfree recipes