Judy JohnsonJudyJ

Thank you so much Lori.  You are a wealth of information.  “Baby Steps”…that is a term I use all the time.  I will try to find good dry beans.  I like navy for baked beans and other recipes.  I do read the ingredients.  Just like nuts, that you would never think would have anything in them, most can have the chance of cross-contamination.  And like you, I prefer a company (unless they have a dedicated grain/gluten free facility) that will admit, there is a possibility.  It doesn't always make me feel that great about what I am buying but better about the honesty of the company.

I always wash, soak overnight, wash again, and then cook my beans as well.  Hopefully that will take care of anything that may have been in contact with them.

As far as potatoes, we usually have baked potatoes on Friday evenings.  It's just something that is easy and I don't have to stand over them while they cook.  Everyone else can pile theirs with butter, sour cream, cheese, and bacon bits and I can put sauteed mushrooms, broccoli, or something else on mine. 🙂

I found the recipe.  It sounds really good.  It is something I would eat, but no one else.  A lot of recipes are that way due to their food restrictions but a lot is due to stubborness. 

Thanks again!!!