Lori Quandtfarmwife67

This is strictly my opinion, I need to lose weight so I very rarely eat a potato.  When I do eat them, I gain weight quickly. I also was diagnosed with candida and on the candida diet potatoes cause yeast in your body and it is not good. I think I have healed my candida, so I do eat a potato or maybe a 1/2 of a potato occasionally. That is my only reasons for not eating potatos.  Beans, I know cross contamination is a real issue, so I buy canneloni beans from nuts.com because they are labeled gluten free. I have a lot of faith in this sight, my neice wanted to order something on that sight that would be gluten free if it didn't have cross contamination and she called them to see if it was safe and they told her no they can not guarantee them to be gluten free. So, I feel like they are honest with us.  Some people have other reasons for not eating beans, I do soak mine over night and rinse them before using. I'm sure others on here have different reasons. My theory on all of this is you have to try and figure out what works best for you and go with that.  You may eat something for awhile and realize it is bothering you or you may give something up and try it somewhere down the road and find out it is fine.  I really believe in good clean food, with the exception of grains. (I don't think they were meant to be food for us especially the way they are genetically altered now.)  Everything you do is something better than you did before. I keep saying baby steps Lori and it has been 2 years for me…LOL 

I wanted to tell you that bulgogi recipe I mentioned can be put in the crock pot and is really good, it is in the recipe section of the forum here.  My neice gave me that recipe and I love it!  I ate it with wild rice, which I also cooked in the crock pot, that would take two crock pots though unless you cooked the rice the day before.

Just keep on keepin on and you will get there Judy!