Judy JohnsonJudyJ

Thanks for the great ideas and the links!  I eat lots of chicken soup and beef stew.  I saw a recipe (I can't remember the site) for Egg Drop Soup and when I last made my chicken noodle soup, I drizzled egg in it to add more protein and it was really good.  But those are things I eat for my lunches.  Dinners are hardest.  I am trying.

Several months ago, I used gluten free bread for breadcrumbs to make meatloaf, etc.  After all, bread crumbs are about all most of that stuff is good for anyway.  Yucky.  I did almond bread then but the recipe also used other flours.  This weekend I will work on some bread with almond/coconut flours only.  Even if I don't start out making the best bread for just eating, at least it will hold my meatloaf together. Laugh

I do have a question.  Lori, you mentioned beans above.  I have read they are okay and I have read they are not okay.  It's the same with white potatoes.  Can you explain the differences in opinion.  I love beans and potatoes and I have tried to limit them but if I don't need to limit them, I can make some great baked beans tomorrow and put them up for dinner this week.  When are beans and white potatoes good for you and when are they not good for you?