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I don't have a set routine.  My diet is highly variable.  It always was, as I like all foods and my joy in food is variety.  The only thing I have changed is I make sure everything is grain free.  That means I do all my own cooking to ensure I do not eat any traces of grain.  I've only eaten out twice since I was diagnosed.  

I replaced pasta and rice with spaghetti squash or white potato.  Many of the old saucey foods I loved to put on pasta or rice taste fantastic on spaghetti squash or on a baked potato. 

Any grass fed meat that I can't find at Whole Foods is purchased from US Wellness Meats.  Dr. O has a link to US Wellness Meats on this website.  Go to the GF Products tab above and look for meats.  We buy our pork chops, bacon and sausage from US Wellness Meats.  We also buy our butter, short ribs, and hamburger meat from them.  Since we have a freezer, we always buy 40 pounds or more to get free shipping.  And recently we started buying things that are on sale to try those meat products out.  The only disapointment I have had was the beef tips we bought from them were tough.  But I put that in a pressure cooker to tenderize and they are ok.  No problem, but I won't order beef tips again.

Sometimes I feel like cooking a lot and I make grain-free bread, cookies, muffins for snacks.  Sometimes I don't want to spend much time in the kitchen and that's when I eat more raw foods like walnuts, veggies or fruit for snacks.  I eat a huge variety of veggies for side dishes.  Right now I am on a brussel sprout kick.  So easy.  Just steam them and either eat them plain or put grass fed butter (from US Wellness) on them.  By the way, we have a local dairy man that sells grass fed butter too.  But I like the taste of US Wellness butter better.

When I cook, I always double or triple what I actually need.  Say, if I make Chili or spaghetti sauce, I make a big batch and freeze portions for ready-to-eat meals later on.  Same with bread.  If I make one loaf, I may as well make two and put the second one in the freezer.  This way, I almost always have a variety of something ready to eat in the freezer.  I bought a rotisserie oven big enough to cook two chickens at once.  I debone the chicken and put them up in single sized portions.  It all sounds like a lot of work, but it isn't.  It really is not any trouble at all.  I have so much energy, nothing seems like a chore any more.  I'm just living!