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Polina ConradPolina

Hey Molly,


Here is a plan for you for a day, this is what i am going to eat today, hope it helps



Smothie made with organic frozen berries-srawberries and blueberries, apple juice, if you have time make fresh orange juice instead, 2 spoons of almond or your favourite nut  butter and a little water.

Fruit – honey dew melon


Lunch Chicken salad made with leftover chickecn breast baked with cumin, lemon juice and grapesed oil.

Cut the chicken into small pieces, add cut  lettice, baby spinach leaves, avocado, gojdi (spell.??) berries, pumkin seeds, olive oil and a bit of salt.



Grass-fed beef kebabs -find recipe on the forum

Kale, cooked in some oil with gralic and shallot (add garlic and shallot 5 min. before you turn the stove off)

Baked butternut squash, add some cinamon on top


Dessert _Snickerdoodle cookie, maybe 2 cookies (recipe from Dr. Osborne's book or find the one on the forum and your favorite milk, almond or coconut milk