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I have had years of vitamin deficiency too but I am attributing that to the diarrhea condition washing my vitamins and minerals out instead of being absorbed. Only the right tests from Enterolab or Cyrex,etc. can tell you if you have GS or CD and what deficiencies and cross-reactions and Dr. O can help you get the right testing and the right vitamins and supplements too. My research shows that it takes several years of totally getting over the gluten condition to start properly absorbing enough from our food again. That’s the reason for taking supplements until health is restored, however, most commonly available vitamins/minerals and supplements from the retail stores either use gluten for the white filler/binder or there is cross-contamination. We need the help but must be certain it is safe or it causes a lot more problems and continued bad health than the possibility of being helpful! Most of us are already very aware that gluten/grains/soy/legumes are our “root” problem and just need to keep chasing down the loose ends to get totally under control. Think about how far we’ve come since being totally sick all the time and work on the “little” things.