Martha SwiftMartha

I’m sorry you don’t have the support of your family as you struggle with the changes in your life—especially when you are still not feeling entirely well. Two weeks is not enough time to feel all the benefits of a grain-free diet. You are probably also deficient in nutrients from poor absorption and have other inflammatory damage that needs to heal. Have you had a Spectracell test for nutritional deficiencies? Are your hormones (including thyroid and adrenal) in normal range? There is just so much more involved than simply cutting out grains (although that is the first and most important step!).
I share your frustration that the diagnosis of “Gluten Sensitivity” is not a diagnosis that is recognized by the rest of the world and is not a diagnosis that allows you to be “sick.” If you were diagnosed with diabetes or cancer, I’m sure your family members would be falling all over themselves to help you. As it is, the rest of the world expects you to function normally (and blames YOU if your aren’t) even though you are feeling lousy! Education is our only hope in that regard, I’m afraid.
As to cross-contamination, who does the food shopping and who pays for the food in your household? Would it be possible to put yourself first and take control of your kitchen? Can you stock only food you can eat and let the others buy, store, prepare, and eat gluten-containing food elsewhere (at a neighbor’s or at a church kitchen)? Perhaps you can negotiate with your family to do this for 6 months or a year. If the burden to go elsewhere becomes too great for them, your family members (who share your genes!) may actually start to feel better themselves if they start to eat only the food that your provide! It’s the “put your oxygen mask on first before helping your children” mentality. Do you totally have to sacrifice yourself and your health for the “comfort” of your family members? Do you have spiritual leaders whom your family respects who could intervene on your behalf?
I sympathize with your frustration both that you aren’t feeling well immediately, and that you don’t have the support of those who are closest to you. I wish you luck on your long journey back to health!