@Martha said:

. My thyroid has been found normal.

This is my problem in a nutshell… “As it is, the rest of the world expects you to function normally (and blames YOU if your aren’t) even though you are feeling lousy!”

I do purchase the food for the family. Interestingly enough I forgot to order grain last month. I can’t imagine being able to order it next month.

This is a question that searches my heart. ” Do you totally have to sacrifice yourself and your health for the “comfort” of your family members?”

“Do you have spiritual leaders whom your family respects who could intervene on your behalf?” My husband is a very good man, but he simply does not want to hear another thing about my health problems. I don’t think that he understands or believes the depths of them. I cannot explain because he shuts it out. He would say that I am obsessed and striving after an idol. My own life being the idol.Cry

I feel like I should applauded for walking accross the room, but others are disappointed in me.Confused

I expect this will all work out. For now I would like to crawl under the bed until my body finishes some of its work. On the other hand, when I am weak; it is so good to have someone that needs you. I have reasons to keep going and succeed. I have plenty of them.Smile