Thanks for all the information, everyone.  I'm looking forward to this weekend's shopping trip.  I'll be trying your recipies and following your tips. 

Several years ago I went on a 12-week transformation diet and workout plan.  At the end of 12 weeks, I had lost 30 pounds (all fat), put on a ton of muscle and felt wonderful.  I lived on protein, fruit, and vegetables.  As time went by and my work day became longer and more stressful, I let my gym membership lapse and went back to my old ways.  Guess what – I got fat and sick again.  Understanding that my body can't handle grain makes all of this fall into place!

It won't happen again.  I'm going to win my health back and not let anything sabotage me.  This site is a treasure!  Can't wait to report that I'm headache-free, clear-thinking, and energetic again!