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@Gluten Free Society said:
Please share how you discovered you have gluten sensitivity…

  • Genetic Testing
  • Antibody Testing (Anti-gliadin, Anti-tissue transglutaminase, anti endomysial antibodies, etc)
  • Biopsy
  • Elimination Diet
  • Other?

Two years ago an MD ran an IGG test on me. My score was 41 and he said I had to go off gluten. I failed to follow his advice since I did not have any overt symptoms, or at least any I related to gluten. Since that time I’ve learned a bit more about the negative impact of gluten on health and was retested this month. The score has increased to 69. I now believe that my inexplicable exercise-induced asthma–for which pulmonologists have no answers since I am quite fit and have exceptional lung capacity–as well as hypothyroidism, which I’ve had for decades, are gluten-related. 

I’m so pleased to have found the GFS program and am going through all the tutorials to get up to speed on what to avoid. Is there by chance a comprehensive list of ingredients to avoid and a list of those unusual items that are permissible (such as wild rice mentioned in one of the posts)?

Also, one other thing: i read somewhere that the gluten molecules used in cosmetics and shampoo and such are too large to penetrate the skin and are therefore safe. Is that the case?

Thanks for this great resource!