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mom24es said:

Could you explain the importance of knowing both the alpha and beta portions in the genetic testing?  As far as I know, they only tested the beta allele on mine and our kids’.  I have done some research saying that double DQ 1’s are typically much more sensitive  than even the “regular” celiac’s with DQ2 &/or 8 (to maybe even to less than 5ppm?).  I am finding that this may be the case with me as I am having much trouble feeling healthy again, and not getting the drastic improvements reported my many; any thoughts on this?

The importance has more to do with completeness.  Some people are negative on the HLA-DQ beta1 gene and positive on the alpha 1 gene.  It is important to investigate both genes for this reason.  

Are you completely grain free?  Have you been tested for other food allergies?  Have you been tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  These are vital components to regaining your health.

See the video -/video-tutorial/regaining-your-health-again/

This may give you some insight on accelerating your results.Laugh