Esmeralda Casanovaecasanova

My testing was done by Cyrex Labs. I still don’t understand the results, but I was told I needed to avoid gluten altogether. The Antibody Array 3 showed many normal and a few way out of range values while some others were leaning more toward the high end of normal. The transglutaminase-3 IgG reading was one that was the highest at 4.75 value while the ELISA Index shows .2-1.6 to be the normal range. My doctor didn’t explain one by one what all these results meant, but since I have been having health problems for the past 2 1/2 years, and my other blood tests ordered by my family doctor always yielded the same negative results and I continued to feel ill, I guess I was just happy to hear something was finally discovered. I am hoping that I have come to the right place so I can learn more about what it all means and how I can continue to help repair the damage gluten has caused.Confused