Years ago I did an elimination diet. I took wheat out of my diet. But I substituted with Kamut, spelt and barley. I also found that corn was a problem, but I ate it off and on anyway.

Six months ago my chiropractor thought my symptoms sounded like I might have gluten/food intolerances. I tried to eliminate to a classic gluten free diet. On that I ended up using alot of rice.

Next I did the gene testing. With the following results:
0501 (HLA-DQ2) Positive
0301 ((HLA-DQ8) Positive
0201 (HLA-DQ2) Positive
0301 (HLA-DQ8) Positive

I checked with the MD to see if she would discredit the test, but she backed it up saying not to eat gluten. She told me to follow the instructions that came with my test results. Tbat is what I did a few weeks back and continuing.

Finally, I did the blood antibiody tests. They were completely negative including gluten.

My blood count looked so favorable that the MD thought the spectra-cell was not needed. However, my iron was low and has been low for many years.