I was initially diagnosed by a doctor that does “intergrative health”.  I had a thorough blood test done by Great Plains Laboratory: “Comprehensive IgG Food Allergy Test + Candida albicans , Saccharchomyces cerevisiae, plus an Organic Acids Test with Nutritional and Metabolic Profile. I had multiple food allergies (gluten, eggs, pineapple, papaya, banana, soy, legumes, dairy, almonds, sesame, tomato, sorghum, and garlic) and a very high yeast count, especially Candida. For grains, oats was the only one that did not show an allergic response. My WBC count is low with a high percentage of lymphocytes. I had low L-carnitine, which is important for the Kreb citric acid cycle and fatty acid oxidation. This explained my extreme fatigue and brain fog. I was also deficient in B vitamins and magnesium. She said to go on a gluten free diet and I immediately felt better.  She also said I had low thryoid Wilson's syndrome since my body temp. was averaging 1-2 degrees below normal (96.7-97.6 F). Further tests revealed low TSH levels 1.17 uIU/mL (According to Dr. David Clark if it is less than 1.8 it is below the functional level. My doctor however called it normal and it was not a concern.)

Since these tests I have made a concerted effort to eat gluten free and take many supplements to heal my leaky gut and kill my yeast. My TSH has risen to 3.98 which makes me happy.However I am not healed yet because tonight I feel miserable.

Maybe I should get the full genetic testing. I asked for this last time I went to the doctor but he refused. He did not know about it and was not open to it. This was my latest visit to a gastroenterologist. I had thought a specialist could help me more, but I guess I was mistaken. Does insurance help cover the cost of genetic testing for gluten?

Diet is a huge challenge for me and it makes me wish for a local gluten free support group to share with (like alanon and AA). What is most difficult is that I go through the aisles in the grocery store and get very depressed because I feel that 90% of the food in there I am allergic to. I also have trouble doing a rotating diet since I live alone and food quantities say eat it before it all spoils and I run out of ideas of what to fix. It is like I need support to learn a total new way of cooking and preparing food. Cry I feel like I am going through a gluten relapse even though I am on a gluten free diet and take all my supplements.  How have you overcome this hurdle?