Lori Quandtfarmwife67

Don't get discouraged with cooking. I DO NOT make two meals, I make the same meat for them that I do myself. I make my gravy, with arrowroot, or if you can have potatoes you can use potato flour. You can have all veggies except corn, which is really a grain. You can have wild rice as long as you make sure and call the company and make sure it is safe (not processed with other grains).  There are so many websites out there. Start doing google searches for grain free recipes.  Spunky coconut, is a good site, elanaspantry is another, there are just tons. If you are on facebook there is a lady named grain free mom and she is making a cook book right now. There are dessert recipes, that your husband will never know he is eating gluten free.  Look at the recipes on here too for ideas, there are some real good ones. You do not have to cook two meals!  If he really wants spaghetti you could cook spaghetti in a seperate pan (one you never use because gluten will stick to pans especially non stick pans) and you could make the sauce and cook spaghetti squash or make zuchinni noodles for you. Share the same sauce, but use your own “noodles”.  My husband is still eating gluten free noodles, so that is what I do too. My boys are not gluten free at all (should be but they are 18 and won't do it) so I cook gluten free spaghetti (No one even knows it is gluten free you can't tell the difference) for them and spaghetti squash for me.

I also make a lot of something when I cook and freeze extra portions for those days, when I have to have a quick meal.  If I am going somewhere I try to plan ahead. but for those days I don't. I ALWAYS keep veggies and almond butter around, so I just throw some almond butter in a dish and some veggies or apples or both in a baggie and away I go.  The other day I grabbed some chicken tenders I had made with almond flour and threw them in the micro, threw them in a baggie. Grabbed an apple and some carrots and away I went.  

Please don't get discouraged you can do this. Just use the internet as your best friend and cookbook until you get used to adapting things on your own.

Good luck and ask for help on here anytime you need it!