Patricia TrelfaPatricia L

On the 2nd visit to my new PCP she really read over my symptoms carefully. We just couldn't figure out why I was gaining weight as a vegan and walking 2-3 miles a day. I have Fibromyalgia too, which was confusing the issue. Then she looked at my knees and saw that both of them were covered with a bumpy, itchy rash. I had had it on my elbows, lower buttocks, head and neck but I was packing up our house to move and figured I had gotten into something while packing. She had another patient whose dermatologist had the same thing and had Celiac. So, she told me to go gluten free and did a blood test. I was having a colonoscopy the next week, so he also did an endoscopy and biopsies. Both the blood test and biopsies came back negative but the change in diet was working. I lost 15 lbs, my abdominal pain went away, my rash cleared up, I wasn't bloated anymore, and no more gas. This gluten free diet did include rice, although I did cut out corn and soy. I can tell when I eat something with gluten but seem to have hit a wall. My constipation is back, I'm feeling depressed again, gas is back (but not as bad), and I have headaches. My Fibromyalgia pain, problem with balance, and paresthesia is worse again too. I've also developed hypertension, which I've NEVER had a problem with before. I've been eating this way for 3 months now…am I going through detoxing? Or heredity?

So, after finding this Gluten Free Society and watching some of the videos, I have cut out all grains. I'm at a loss now how to eat so I get the proper nutrients…and how to cook for my husband. It's hard making 2 meals…I feel like I am making the same thing all the time.

I guess that makes it elimination diet for diagnosis as well as a collection of related symptoms. Confused