Bruce MurphyBruce Murphy

I self diagnosed after reading ” Living Gluten free for dummies” , went GF and I knew within 3 days that I was intolerant.  

I told my GP and he said ” If it hurts, don't do it.” and walked out of the room !!!! He has also refused to prescribe any allergy tests, said to avoid foods that don't agree with me.

So I am having a hard time getting any of my family ( sister is a nurse, Father was a surgeon, mother was a nurse ) to consider having tests done. They find it hard to imagine not eating bread, so they wont try it.

Personally I feel its much better to know, and be able to choose what I eat, rather than being sick all the time and not knowing why. 

Im keeping a food diary now, and this has helped me to realize that I also have a problem with corn, which I was hoping would not be the case, but the rumble in my gut, along with the headache and the ringing in my ears is telling the truth.

 I havent had any formal positive tests, but I am going by what is the only really important measure to me, and thats what my body says is good or bad. I guess I just have to live with the doubters and cynics.