I was not officially diagnosed when I went gluten free 10 yrs ago this month.  2 yrs ago, my neuro had gene testing done, I have double DQ1..0601, 0603.  Being double DQ1 is a double whammy of gluten intolerance, plus one of the genes is prone to neuropathy, which I also am diagnosed with small fiber/sensory neuropathy, alone with, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue syndrome, raynauds, gluten ataxia, and still have malabsorption issues.


I am totally grain free, do not use any sugar or sweeteners other than stevia, no red meats (fat content too high), no shellfish, no nightshades, no cruciferous veggies….I am also now on a candida diet, which has finally helped me to lose weight.  I didn't realize I was being glutened all those years by CC foods…I find that nearly all “gluten free” labeled processed foods contain gluten in a level I can not handle.  I do not eat any processed foods any longer, and do feel better than I have in years.  Now my boss feels I am having thyroid issues and asked me to see my PCP.  He is an optometrist and says my drooping eyelids are a huge indications of thyroid issues.  We will see.  I am nearly 55, had a hysterectomy 3 yrs ago..definitely at the thyroid age.ConfusedI have read that thyroid and headaches have a big connection, and I do have chronic headaches, never go away..maybe thyroid is the problem with the head.  I have tried everything else with no help for the pain.