Liz RamseyMaifaire

Hi Jackie,

       I’ve never met anyone else who has had this same testing.

When I received my results via e-mail (before consulting with my PA) the lab had left off the “normal range” figures. I wanted to give my family an idea of how sick I was so I copied some normal range figures from internet not knowing the figures could evidently be different case per case.

       I had this testing done from enterolab in April of last year. I had also lost 30 lbs pretty quickly– I was about 142 lbs on 5’7 frame to begin with. It was terrifying to become so ill when I had always thought of myself as healthy, eating pretty much anything I wanted. When I lost the weight I was embarrassed by others remarks about it and kept telling everyone I was trying to gain most of it back.

      I also am quite resticted in my diet–it seemed that on top of the intolerance to gluten and casein I was suddenly allergic to everything. I am so much better now but it has taken about a year and 1/2 to gain wieght. Are you able to eat chicken? Avocados, steamed asperagus, cucumbers, apples, yams, most fruits have all helped me and I have recently intorduced grass fed meats (living in a small town I have to order the free range).

       I wish you the best in getting well and remember it does get better.